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Arts and War - Illuminating Knowledge

Saturday 18th November, 12.00pm-7.00pm

The Source, The Old Courthouse, Floyd Row, Oxford, OX1 1SS

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An immersive exhibition that offers a unique exploration of the resilience and creativity of Iraqi women in the context of art and the challenges of war. You will be greeted by an array of remarkable artworks created by Iraqi women artists. These talented individuals have harnessed the power of art to convey their experiences, emotions, and aspirations, using light as a symbol of guidance and enlightenment in the darkest of times. The central theme of "Illuminating Knowledge" is the role of light in both shedding light on the unique experiences of Iraqi women during times of war and the pursuit of knowledge as a means of empowerment. The artworks on display employ a diverse range of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, and digital art installations, each portraying the resilience and courage of these women. The interplay of light and shadow in these creations serves as a metaphor for the enduring human spirit, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge even in the bleakest moments. Vistors can also bring an object to take part in guided discussions (optional) , workshops (write your name in Arabic), and hands-on activities that offer insights into the artists' stories and experiences. These activities aim to foster a deeper connection between the audience and the art, encouraging a better understanding of the challenges faced by Iraqi women and the transformative potential of art. The event will include Arabic music, Iraqi Baklava and Chai (tea).


Walk until the end of the street (it’s a dead-end street) and you will find it on the right hand side. The building has a teal blue door and a yellow sign on top “The Source”


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