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Photographic Competition

Festival Photograph Competition


The winner receives a £50 M&S voucher, the two runners up receive £25 M&S vouchers each.

The winner is Erin Theobald

The judge's reason is: "I loved the separation and contrast of colours from the green in the foreground, the big range of red taking up most of the image and the blue sky in the background."

First runner up is Sam Allen

The judge's reason is: "I like that the photographer used the trees as the leading lines to the marquee at the end of the frame. The colours worked really well and I just think it was captured perfectly."

2nd runner up is Erin Theobald

The judge's reason is: "I quite like this one because it shows the space where the lights were being projected and you get a good sense of how many lights there were, again the colour really brings the picture to life and the contrast of dark to colourful is really nice."

Oxford's Christmas Light Festival graphic skyline
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