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Loads of Fun for Everyone

Follow the links below to access ideas and resources on making something illuminated,  and see where street celebrations took place.

Three photographers won an exclusive prize of a Christmas hamper from the Covered Market for their photographs of the festival this year. Cllr Mary Clarkson presented the prizes to Aimee Winkfield and Leanne Miller. The third prize went to Erin Theobold.

See their photos and the amazing things you've made on our website gallery

GDPR Notice: Please be aware that by submitting a photo to the festival competition or gallery you are giving permission for the photos to be used by the organisers of Oxford’s Christmas Light Festival.  Please also ensure your photos do not contain images of other people without having obtained their or a guardians permission first. 

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Making and Creating


Whether its how to make a lantern or how to programme some LED lights to wear, here are some ideas and inspiration to join in our collective bid to bring and share a little light in our lives!  #oxlightfest21


Some of the resources below may be online workshops you can watch or 'how-to' information sheets.  We hope you can find most of what you need around the house or can easily buy some materials either online or in your local high street.


Download the 'how-to' instructions for lanterns of all kinds to decorate your door, window, garden or balcony ready for the festival weekend. Follow the video guides to make a colourful window display ready for the festival weekend. 


Register your street on our Light Trails map to share your creations with your neighbours. Every registered display is entered into a raffle to win a special festive prize.

Take Part in a Local Light Trail

Light up your street with home made lanterns and window displays. Get creative and make a festive display for your home.


Organise a Street Celebration

Over the festival weekend we want to support you and your neighbours to have a little moment of light together.


Join in the festive spirit and share your creativity.

Turn on your Christmas lights on Saturday 20th November at 5.30pm and celebrate the start of the festive season.

Let us know about your street celebration by 

sending your photos to share in our website gallery. 

So wrap up warm, get your favourite soup or hot chocolate on the go and get out to connect with your neighbours.



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There will be festive prizes for the 3 best photographs that we receive. This year's festival theme is 'The Art of Connectivity'. Photos will be judged on how they show the atmosphere and creativity of Oxford's Christmas Light Festival 2021.


The competition is open to any age, using any image capture device including mobile phones.


Photos must be sent to 

and received by midday on Sunday 21st November. 


The 3 winning photographs will each receive a Christmas hamper from the Covered Market as a prize. 


All entries may be shared on the Festival website, social media platforms and used in future publicity. 

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