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How the Roarsomes make everyone positive

The inspiration for this project has its roots in our experience of our involvement in Light Night last year. We used our Carnival training to build a big lit up igloo structure, where we ran an inclusive grotto. We dressed up in lit-up headdresses, and went out into the crowds of people waiting for the lantern procession and gave out positive wishes.

It was so enjoyable giving people positivity that we all agreed that we would like to find a way of doing something similar. It seemed all the more important to be encouraging people to remain positive, after the year we’ve all had and the uncertainty of the future. So the idea for our “Windows of Kindness” was born.

It has been challenging trying to create something separate from each other and not being there, able to help each other. Also working from home has been limiting. However working each week over zoom, we have come together and come up with lots of ideas and positive statements we want to share with our neighbours. We have used letter stencils and marker pens as well as black card, which have worked well to create the bold effect we want.

And we have all agreed that the process of working on this idea and thinking of positive advice has been really good for us too!

Meet the Roarsomes

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