Music Stage


New musical talent on demand

Perfect Memory by Raleigh Green

Rhys Worgan (vocals), Odhran Thomas (guitar), Alex Lyster (drums), James Lewis (bass)

Oxford's Christmas Light Festival is an opportunity for up and coming musicians and singers to get in front of a live audience to try out their latest material.


This year's virtual music stage gives new artists a platform but but due to current restrictions, without the live feedback.  


Launching on Friday 20th, with an eclectic mix of sounds, the talented students from the City of Oxford College share their new tracks.


Sit back and give your ears a treat. Send your appreciation through our social media channels.


The videos will be available to watch from 20th November 4pm and all weekend.

Rose by The Misdeeds

Rubi Balhetchet (vocals & bass), Hannah Osofsky (vocals & guitar), Luke Wilkinson (drums)

Pneumonia by Testimonium

Ellie Henstridge (Vocals) Ciaran Bird (Drums) Kyle Legg (Guitar) Rhys Worgan (Bass)

Time by Jessica Waddilove

Tough by Taking Back Autumn

Lara Payne (Vocals & Bass) Piers Lee (Guitar)

Abbie Souch (Vocals) Odhran Thomas (Drums)

Til The Sun Goes Down by Less Than 3

Jessie Waddilove (Vocals & Guitar) Melia Harriss (Drums) Kiera McKibbon (Vocals & Piano)

Burning by District Embers

Lani Aitken (Vocals) Louis Juckes (Drums)

Hamish Irving (Guitar) Sam George (Bass)

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