Let Yourself Glow

17th November, Broad Street

Let Yourself Glow



Sunday 17th, finale 5.45pm Broad Street Stage, OX1 3AS

This is a FREE event.

Everyone welcome

It's the 17th of November at 5pm on a chilly evening at the Oxford Christmas light festival. 


Two explorers are gathering a secret crack team together to take on an expedition to discover just where the light has gone? 

They will be looking for it in every crack in the pavement, in all the nooks and crannies of the city, behind closed doors and amongst the everyday bits and bobs of life.  


As they venture out to seek the illusive light what adventures will they have along the way? 

Will the biodegradable snow storm stop them?

Will an avalanche of marshmallows make the search impossible? Is the Aroura Borealis really made of bubbles?

Questions and quests that only you can help them answer.  


The explorers have gathered a full expedition team and will be setting out on their quest on Sunday evening. Why not join the welcome home party in Broad Street? Feel free to decorate yourselves with light ready for the festival's rousing sing-a-long and light filled finale.

Let Yourself Glow Workshop

Saturday 16th 12pm-4pm, New Road Baptist Church Bonn Square OX1 1LQ

Join the expedition or celebrate with the intrepid team on their return by adding light to your apparel. In this drop-in workshop you'll find out how to add sparkle to your presence and make the Festival finale a great big glittery hoorah or choose to shine as you take in the rest of the festival sights!


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